Thinking + Feeling = Great Night of Music


Making music is a combination of thinking and feeling.


Before a show, I think a lot about the set list and what songs I want to play. I pay attention to the order of the songs, making sure the show has a good ebb and flow. My focus is always on the type of atmosphere I want to create that evening.


Do I want people to feel like they’re sitting with me in my living room?


Do I want people to feel like they’re at an exciting arena concert with a big light show and fire?


The thinking occurs in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the show.


The feeling aspect of music comes in the minute I walk on stage and sing or play my first note.


A lot of thought was put into my show last Saturday at The Strand Theater. As a result, the vibe of that night was OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD!


Today, I finished tracking vocals for two songs that will be released on my next project. Some of you are probably thinking, “Chris, HURRY UP!!”


I know.


I’m starting to feel the same way. But I’m really focused on not rushing the process because I consider this project my first “real” project.


Two years ago I released my EP, I Am Chris Jamison. I was really happy with the way it turned out, but something still wasn’t clicking for me. I didn’t feel as connected to the music as I do with my new material.


During my show last Saturday, we tried out lots of new music and everything seemed to click! I felt a real sense of ownership.  


The background vocalists who performed with me were incredible and will definitely be an element I keep adding to the show for as long as possible. Since my new songs have lots of thick harmonies (I’m a little bit obsessed with thick harmonies), the background vocalists helped thicken up the sound of the band.


Everyone in attendance was raving about their performance after the show!


As always, my band was on point. These guys have been through it all with me. We’ve played lots of shows together but none of them felt as good as last Saturday’s. My band members agreed with me.


Actually, a few days ago, my drummer sent me a text and said, “That show was a lot of fun man. It really felt like your show, which was a cool feeling.”


There’s that word again.




Everyone in the theater last weekend was truly IN that theater. I honestly felt like we were all hanging out in my living room while I played some music.


You know that feeling you get after having a day where everything just seems to go according to plan?


That’s how I felt last Saturday.


I can’t express how grateful I am for everyone who attended.  I do NOT take for granted the fact that I get to make music for a living. I am blessed to be able to have what started as my hobby become my work.


Here’s to many more shows and implementing that sacred equation:




Keep singing,




Proverbs 16:9


P.s. If you live in Harrisburg, New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, or Columbus, I’m going to be playing a show in your city in September. That’s NEXT MONTH!!


Grab your tickets TODAY and come hangout with me on my first EVER headlining tour! See you there!

Chris Jamison