Family Vacation - 2018

When I was a kid my family would go on a beach vacation almost every year.


That was the high-point of my summer—going to a new place and getting that one week to set up shop in a house much closer to the beach than our home in Pittsburgh.


For many summers, we had multiple families join us for our week-long vacation.


I remember the summer before sixth grade, my family went to the Outer Banks with 5 other families. Overall, there were 12 adults and 18 kids in the same house! Because there were so many of us, we were able to rent a giant place with a movie theater, pool table AND elevator.


It was heaven on earth for a little kid. Around that time, the show Cribs was popular on MTV, so as a 13-year-old, I actually envisioned myself opening the front door and saying, “welcome to my crib!” It was that cool.


After that year, we continued the family beach vacations all throughout high school. The first summer we missed was the one following my season of The Voice!


Everyone had a lot of expenses due to traveling back and forth to Los Angeles for the show, so a summer vacation wasn’t in the budget.


After that, everyone got busy with jobs and school, so we went a few years without leaving Pittsburgh.


The first week of August 2018 was our first summer vacation in 6 years!! Aside from my brother, the whole family was gathered in one house for a whole week. My sisters brought their boyfriends, and my Grandma tagged along as well.




We may not have had 5 other families, but we had just as much fun.


The weather wasn’t great. I think it rained a little almost every day. Some days longer than others, but who cares!


As my siblings and I have grown, moved out of the house, and in my case begun to form our own family, it’s hard to get everyone under the same roof. Although we missed my brother not being there, we got pretty close to having everyone.


Our time away was spent sitting on the beach getting our bronze on, reading (I finished the Bruce Springsteen autobiography and it was one of the most inspiring things I’ve read. My next blog post will be all about it!), playing lots of card games and eating tons of food.


Many of us drank lots of coffee (I think Grandma came in first place with the most cups and my Dad and I tied for second—Jansen was a strong third) and shared lots of laughs!

During that week, I realized how much of a blessing it was that we all got to spend that time together. I realized it was a luxury not all families have. We definitely didn’t take it for granted!


As I reflected on our trip, I realized that it wasn’t about being at a beach surrounded by the ocean or nice weather (when it wasn’t raining!). For me, it was about getting to spend quality time with everyone in the house.


Whether you have the ability to travel far away or decide to do a staycation at home, try getting as many of your family members together under one roof. Play lots of card games, eat lots of food, and drink lots of coffee.


It’s all about family, and when Jansen and I begin to grow our own family, if God blesses us with children, I want to do my best to instill in them the importance of family and growing relationships with other people.


Family vacation 2018 was full of quality family time.


Leave a comment below if you and your family did anything fun this summer or if you have any upcoming trips planned!!




Keep Singing,




Proverbs 16:9


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