Take The Meeting

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and have coffee with many different people. Some old friends and some new.


As you may know, I’m a relatively introverted person. I tend to keep to myself and say very little, especially around people I don’t know. The fact that I’ve shared laughs and meals with people I’ve never met before is pretty crazy!


A little side story…..


After finishing my blind audition for The Voice, everyone that made it through was shuttled to the same hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, I went to a room where all of the contestants were gathered. Someone answered the door and I said, “Hey, I’m Chris and I just made it through the blind audition as well.” I walked into the room and said hi to everyone. Later on, someone told me they had no idea I was actually part of the competition until I walked into that hotel room for the first time. They said they recognized me from the hotel—which we stayed at for nearly 30 days—but thought I was just a guest.


I’m like a chameleon: I blend into my surroundings and make myself known when you least expect it!


Now that I’ve been a full-time musician for almost 4 years and have had the opportunity to visit lots of new places and meet lots of new faces, I’ve come to love these first meetings.


For a long time, I was notorious for saying that I didn’t have an interesting life story. I grew up in a great supportive family, married my high school sweetheart, and had good health.


Then The Voice happened, and suddenly I felt like I could write a novel about my life!


Another side note….


I always joke about one day writing a book. If anyone has any connections with publishers and can help make that happen, let's talk! One of these days, I’m going to do it!


I love sharing my story with other people, but I’ve grown to love hearing other people’s stories even more.


The amount of information we can learn from one another is enormous. By sharing the struggles, fears, and ugly parts of our lives with other people, we realize that we’re not really alone in this huge, messy world.


Many of us share similar stories, but if you don’t take that awkward first meeting, you’ll never know if the person on the other side of the table shares bits and pieces of your story.


Who knows, that person might have a hand in helping you continue to write yours!


Keep singing,




Proverbs 16:9

Chris Jamison