Teach Yourself Something New

Have you ever felt like you have a million things in your head and wish you could grab a vacuum hose and suck it all out?


That’s kind of how I felt last week.


I had a college showcase last Friday and I’m tried out a new setup. As opposed to taking my band with me, I built out loops on stage to act as my backing tracks. Because I don’t play guitar, I used a midi controller to make the loops. What’s cool about using a controller is that I can pull up tons of sounds that are similar to those that are on the original recordings.


I thought this was going to be really easy to figure out.


Turns out, it was pretty difficult.


Learning how to do everything didn’t take me much time.


Executing what I had learned was a whole different ball game.  


Monday: I was excited to learn this new performance setup.


Tuesday: I was overwhelmed with this new performance setup.


Wednesday: I called my guitar player to see if he was available to come with me to the showcase.


Thursday: I buckled down and actually felt like I had made some headway.


Friday: I felt confident I could pull this off.


Saturday: I was overwhelmed with this new performance setup.


During my battle with figuring out how to loop tracks, I was listening to a podcast called, The Six Figure Home Studio. One of the hosts of the show talked about the importance of constantly teaching yourself new things in order to continue growing as technology continues evolving. This is especially true in the music industry.


As a society, we have so much information at our fingertips.


For example, anytime something breaks at my parents’ house my dad hops on Youtube, finds a video on how to fix it, and nine times out of ten is able to fix it within a few hours.


Another example is my brother and sister in law recently remodeling their new home. Had they ever remodeled a home before?




But they watched lots of videos, went through a lot of trial and error AND saved tons of money doing the work themselves. During that time, my brother-in-law also discovered his love for creating things out of wood. Had he not done the work to renovate his house, he would’ve never made that discovery.


Instead of always focusing on the negative impact technology seems to have on the world within various social media platforms, we should all take advantage of the incredible technology at our fingertips to learn something new.


You can find all sorts of different classes and tutorials online. That’s how I learned about the looping setup!


We all have busy lives and I realize it’s much easier for me to sit down and learn how to run a looping setup as opposed to someone who has a 9-5 job and a family to support. But my guess is most of us still find time to go through our Facebook and Instagram feeds every day.


What is one skill or hobby that you’ve always dreamed of doing, but couldn’t because of other obligations and responsibilities?


Open up Youtube.


Type it in.


Start learning.


Keep singing (and learning),




Proverbs 16:9


Chris Jamison