Need The Degree

I left college after my sophomore year to be on The Voice. When the show ended, I decided that it was important for me to dive head first into the music business and give it my all.


So far so good!


I’ve had the opportunity to make my living playing music all over the country.

Although I plan on being a career musician for the rest of my life, I realize something could happen to my vocal chords tomorrow that could keep me from ever singing again.


That’s a scary thing.


I rely heavily on my voice to pay the bills and support my family. While there is much more involved with the music business besides singing, being a career singer/songwriter requires your voice to remain in the best condition possible.


Over the past few years I’ve kicked around the idea of completing my degree online. There are only two reasons why I would need to get my degree:


I want to finish what I started

I need to find a job that requires a degree, in order to support my family


So what’s the problem?




Because I couldn’t pay out-of-pocket for the rest of my schooling, I’d have to take out a student loan.


When The Voice ended, I used some of the money I made to pay off all of my student debt from my first two years of college. The thought of taking on additional student debt brings a steady tear slowly down my left cheek accompanied by the sad music of a violinist.


I learned a ton while I was on The Voice and have continued to learn even more over the past three years. I’ve successfully (I use that word loosely because I’ve definitely made some mistakes along the way) owned/operated my own music business for the past three years.


All of that should count towards a college degree, right?!?!?!?


Don’t get me wrong, all schooling is about way more than just learning and retaining information. You learn social skills, how to interact with other individuals, and the value of working hard. Still, I think we can all agree that what we’ve learned while actually working is much more than what we learned in school.


Maybe post high school education could be structured like this:


  • Graduate high school and spend 1-2 years interning within a field of your liking
  • Based on that experience, you can more clearly determine what field you would like to receive further education in
  • Bachelor degrees would be 2 years instead of 4 and you could continue your internship while completing your studies
  • Graduate with a bachelors degree and roughly 4 years of experience working within the field that compliments your degree


Is the above stupid? Am I way off?


P.S. If you have the power to offer me college credits for my experience on The Voice, shoot me an email lol! We will be best friends forever.


In the meantime I’m going to….


Keep singing,


Proverbs 16:9