The Power of Thank You

Jansen and I have been married for almost 10 months.


Although we have been together since we were 13, early on in our engagement we were told that marriage was going to be hard. The honeymoon phase would eventually fade and our relationship would require more work than we could imagine.


There is definitely some truth to that. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we have learned a few new things about each other.


For instance, Jansen and I fold our laundry different. Coming into marriage, both of us were pretty adamant with the way we wanted our clothes folded. To avoid countless stupid arguments and disagreements, when I fold laundry I fold her clothes the way she likes and when she does laundry she folds my clothes the way that I like. The power of compromise.  


One thing we can DEFINITELY agree on is the power of the phrase, “Thank you for…”


When your husband or wife completes a task around the house, whether it’s doing the dishes or sweeping the living room, do you ever say thank you?


These tasks are thankless and are some of the responsibilities that come along with adulthood and marriage, however it’s always nice to hear your spouse say thank you for something you’ve done.


Anytime Jansen and I do something around the house or for each other, we make it a priority to say thank you.


If she cleans the bathroom, I say thank you.


If I make her breakfast or coffee, she says thank you.


The act of saying thank you means more than just expressing gratitude. It tells your spouse, “I acknowledge what you did, I appreciate you, and I am grateful for your love and our marriage.”


Try it out. The next time you notice your spouse does something, say thank you.  


Jansen and I are very good at saying thank you, but now I need to get better at completing the tasks WITHOUT expecting the thank you!


Keep singing,


Proverbs 16:9