There was a time in my life where I couldn’t justify paying money to get  my haircut, so I would give myself a buzz cut every month. Now that I have actual hair, I don’t trust myself, and for the past few months i’ve been getting my haircut at Supercuts. People tend to give me a hard time for this, but it’s where I get the most consistent haircut for a small price


What can I say, I’m cheap.


Don’t worry, this isn’t an ad for Supercuts.


A few months ago, as the stylist was cutting my hair, we enjoyed the normal surface level conversation that most people have when getting their haircut.


How about that weather?


Do you have a busy day today?


What do you do for a living?


I told the stylist I had just come from Convive Coffee shop across the street where I was getting some work done. I asked her if she had been to Convive and she said yes but she wasn’t a fan of it because they sell REAL coffee there.


I was confused.


Was there REAL coffee and then FAKE coffee?


She went on to say that she normally gets coffee at Dunkin' Donuts because it’s cheap, has a drive-thru, and she likes lots of “stuff” in her coffee.


Convive sells some of the best coffee in Pittsburgh. They roast their beans in the shop and they’re really invested in making sure the quality of the coffee is as high as it can be.


This is also NOT an ad. I just like coffee, specifically their coffee.


But let's remove coffee from the conversation.


Can something actually be REAL and FAKE at the same time, or is the stylist defining fake as cheap and quick?


If that’s the case, my haircut could have been defined as FAKE. However, hair was falling from my head and that was a very REAL thing.


Using coffee and haircuts as an example is a light representation of what I believe is a much greater issue.


Maybe this identity crisis between REAL and FAKE has crept into our society, constantly distorting the truth. We want everything quick and cheap. We settle for reading only the headlines and don’t take the time to cross-reference sources. We only watch certain television stations and therefore get our news from one source. I struggle with this every day.


But what if we all sat down and had a cup of REAL coffee? No cream, no sugar, no opinions, no agendas just REAL coffee.


My guess is that we would be amazed by the taste of pure coffee without all of the additives.


Keep singing,


Proverbs 16:9

Chris JamisonComment