Puerto Rico

Music has taken me to some pretty incredible places but Puerto Rico definitely lands in the top 3. 

My wife and I didn't get to enjoy a honeymoon after our wedding so it was nice to get away for a long-weekend, just the two of us. 

About a year ago a guy reached out to me about wanting to surprise his Fiance by having me sing their first dance song at their wedding. He mentioned that the wedding would be in Puerto Rico, which is where they both were originally from.

I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I was a little nervous about making the trip. 

1. I had never met the guy face-to-face

2. I had never been to Puerto Rico

After many email back and forth and a couple of phone calls, I felt comfortable enough to make the trip. Who wouldn't want to surprise a bride on her wedding day? 


The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Huge chandeliers were hung from the ceiling, the cake was gigantic, and the flower arrangements were just as big.

The couple definitely believed in the saying, "Go big or go home!" 

Their first dance song was scheduled to occur around 8:05pm, so Jansen and I arrived at the venue an hour early. The wedding planner shuffled me upstairs, to make sure that I wouldn't be seen by the bride. 10 minutes before I was set to sing, they moved me downstairs next to the make-shift stage they had created for the wedding band. As the newlyweds were introduced and taking their place for their first dance, I walked onto the stage. 

The bride and groom started dancing with the brides back to me, so she couldn't tell if it was just a recording of the song or someone singing live. As they slow danced back and forth, they eventually rotated and the bride saw me for the first time! 

Her and he new husband are avid watchers of The Voice and even though my time on the show ended 3 years ago, they have continued to follow my career, and have remained big fans. It was a pleasure meeting them and a privilege to of be a part of such a special day. 


I love my job!  

Jansen and I decided to extend the trip an extra day to take in Puerto Rico and enjoy the sunny beaches before heading back to the snowy, 10 degree weather in Pittsburgh. 


Trips like this are a constant reminder of what a blessing it is to be able to use the gift I've been given to earn a living and travel to places I may have never had the oppoertunity to visit. 

If you're considering taking a vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico click the link below for more info! It'll be your new favorite spot!



2018 has started off on the right foot! 

Keep singing, 


Proverbs 16:9

Chris Jamison