Season 12 (Top 11)

It’s been a crazy few days! I just got back from Canada on Wednesday  after my flight was delayed a total of four times. Wasn’t the most fun and exhilarating day I’ve ever had, but at least I’m home now.

Fun Fact: I’M GETTING MARRIED IN EXACTLY TWO WEEKS!! Jansen and I are so excited, especially as we see all of the pieces of our big day come together. I can’t wait to marry that woman!

I swear this season is one of the best seasons yet. All of the contestants are extremely talented and are delivering superstar performances week after week!



Stephanie Rice “Behind Blue Eyes”

Last week Stephanie told us that she wanted to show America that she could rock out, so this week she did just that. She started her performance giving us a dose of the familiar Stephanie sound and then halfway through a HUGE drum fill came in and she rocked out just like she said she would. While the song selection definitely wasn’t a happy-go-lucky type of tune, she still showed us a different side of her that we hadn’t seen before. This was definitely a great way to start the show!



Aliyah Moulden “Take it Back”

Before her performance, I hadn’t heard this song before but Aliyah delivered a solid performance and the song selection was perfect for her. I love the grit that she throws into her performances. It doesn’t sound forced and she fit it into the melody in a way that made sense and had purpose. Her vocals were pretty much perfect, but she did look a little more nervous this week. It was almost like she was more self-aware and in her head. By no means did this affect her singing or performing. Trust me, I was in my head every week. It’s tough not to be when there are hundreds of cameras flying around and four superstars watching you perform! Great job Aliyah. You are killing it week after week!!



TSoul “Lay Me Down”

I didn’t realize we hadn’t heard TSoul sing a contemporary song yet on the show. Sam Smith is a personal favorite of mine, so I was pumped to see him taking on one of Sam’s big hits! T’s performance was good, but I felt like he was doing too much vocally. I’ve said this before, but with a song like this less would’ve been more. This wasn’t his strongest performance, vocally, but the performance aspect of it was incredible. He was invested in every word he was saying. I mean, he literally “laid down” on the stage! Again, his performance was good, but he did a few too many vocal runs for my personal taste.



Lilli Passero “Town without Pity”

Adam chose a unique song this week for Lilli and it was the perfect choice. With the “Great Gatsby” performance elements and the outfit she wore, everything made sense and felt authentic. The Amy Winehouse element of her voice cut through at all the right moments and you could tell that she felt totally comfortable and confident on stage. Lilli is one of the more unique contestants currently on the show and performances like this are only going to continue getting her one step closer to the finale. I loved the out-of-the-box song selection this week and hope that she does something similar next week, if she is still around! 



Hunter Plake “All I Want”

The one thing I wish I was good at is Drums, but I have ZERO coordination when it come to sitting behind a drum set. Hunter is probably one of those guys that can play every instrument which allows him to dial in on every element of a song and bring out the specific parts at all the right times. There’s nothing cooler to me than seeing someone get up from a piano, walk over to a drumset to play the specific rhythm he has in mind, and then take center stage and deliver a powerful vocal performance. He is a jack of all trades and by far the most original artist on the show. Maybe he won’t be the next huge Top 40 radio star, but he will be a succesful musical artist for the rest of his life because of his originality and uniqueness. I’ve been a fan of Hunter’s since day one and with every performance he reminds me why I am a fan! I have a feeling that he will be in the top 3 FOR SURE!



Vanessa Ferguson “Diamonds”

In the her opening package Vanessa mentioned that this performance would be a clear indication of the type of music that she wants to make, and if that’s so then I can’t wait to hear Vanessa’s music! You could tell that she was right in her comfort zone, moving from the piano to interacting and engaging with the audience. I HAVE to mention those runs that she sang a few times. She takes a note that she is belting in the upper part of her belt and runs down to the lower more sultry part of her voice. Her runs are so clean and crisp and I get jealous every time I hear her sing them. Great performance Vanessa!



Lauren Duski “Somewhere in My Broken Heart”

I have to agree with Adam: Lauren is going to be in the final three. Week after week she comes out on stage and consecutively delivers solid performances. While I love seeing people run around and go crazy on stage, I also love when artists just stand and deliver a powerful performance. Lauren is a storyteller. She focuses on conveying the story to the listener and lets the sweet, pure tone of her voice do the rest. She takes her time with every word and note and looks extremely comfortable on stage. When the show is done, I can confidently say that Lauren is going to have a long successful career!  



Mark Isaiah “How To Love”

I’m a huge supporter of the song choices that Mark has been making. Like I’ve said before, you don’t hear a lot of people covering Drake and Lil Wayne on a pop singing show, but Mark is bringing them straight to live television. I think this is the first time Mark sat down and focused solely on delivering his vocals, and I loved it. Pairing that with his killer soft-pink suit, you couldn't go wrong. His performance was on point and the falsetto run that he did at the end was the perfect way to end the song and also had me trying to sing that run from my couch! Congrats man, you killed it!



Jesse Larson “Human”

JESSE, YOU ARE THE MAN! I loved this performance. Jesse’s vocal is so strong and powerful. His lower register is so deep and bluesy but then he soars to his high belt, hitting notes that I can only dream of hitting one day. He is so versatile and consistently delivers strong performances week after week. In the past we have heard a lot of Jesse’s higher belt, but those lower notes he was hitting were just as impressive and just as full sounding as his higher stuff. Everything about this performance was perfect!



Brennley Brown “River”

At the end of Brennley’s performance I audibly said, “Wow”. The control that she has over her voice for her age is unheard of. She effortlessly floats between the different parts of her voice and the emotion that she sings with is so real and authentic. Also, whoever came up with the creative aspect of her performance did an awesome job. I loved how she standed and delivered within that circle for most of her performance. As her performance came to an end I couldn’t help but think about the incredible musical journey that is only beginning for her. She has so much talent. The sky is truly the limit.



Chris Blue “When A Man Loves A Woman”  

MY MAIN MAN! It’s always a good sign when you’re the last performer of the night because that normally means your performance is KILLER! Based on Chris’s previous performances, this was a great song choice. However, in my personal opinion I didn’t feel like it was his best. While the vocals he was delivering were crazy impressive, I felt like his performance wasn’t one cohesive unit, like his past performances have been. Now I could be way off, but I felt some of his nerves coming through this week. Let be real though. It’s a lot of pressure to come out and slay week after week and Chris sets the bar so high for himself, that I’m always left wondering, “how is he going to top this next week?” Needless to say, I have no doubt that America is going to vote him through. He is truly something special. The COMPLETE package!

*For some reason the video of his performance is not on The Voice's Youtube page. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be there! I've never no seen an artists performance video on Youtube. WEIRD! 





Lauren Duski

Jesse Larson

Good job America! There’s no question that those two should be in the top 10. I’m excited to see what they bring to the stage next week!



Chris Blue

Brennley Brown

Again, great job America! Chris and Brennley deliver incredible performances week after week. I can’t imagine the top 10 without them.



Vanessa Ferguson

Hunter Plake



That left us with Mark and Stephanie singing for their opportunity to stay in the competition. This is a first for Stephanie but familiar territory for Mark.


Stephanie Rice “Issues”

I thought this was an odd choice for her, especially for a save performance. This song is a big pop song right now, therefore I don’t think it translated very well into the style of music that we have heard from Stephanie. The performance wasn’t bad, I just don’t think it was the right song.



Mark Isaiah “7 Years”

Mark started out really strong and throughout his performance I almost thought that this would’ve been a great song for him to sing within the the actual competition. However, at times the runs he sang weren’t as clean as they could've been and I felt like he was trying to do too much. I remember back to Mark’s original blind audition and thinking how amazing he was. He is truly gifted and has an amazing voice, but I think with him less would be more. Nonetheless, I think this performance will keep him around to fight again next week!




Mark Isaiah


While I’m sad to see Stephanie go, I have no doubt that she is going to go on to do some HUGE things in the music industry. I’m a fan and will definitely be one of the firsts to buy her album!


Phew! I know these posts are a little longer than previous ones, but I don’t see the point in making two separate posts per week! The results shows are shorter and don’t give me much to write about, so I figured I’d just throw everything into one!


Be on the lookout for a new Vlog post soon, filling you in on what I’ve been up to lately.


Thanks for reading!


Keep singing,


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