The Man Who Saved My Life


What does it mean to write from the heart?

Because my heart is in a body that was broken from the start.

And this broken body is home to a mind with too many thoughts.

Can’t tell the truth from the lies, at times I feel lost.


Sure, on the outside it looks like everything is fine.

But on the inside I’m having a fight with my own mind.

Like the devil and the angel are on my shoulders at all times,

When their conversation gets too loud, I break down and cry.


For a while I was struggling

Felt like I was trapped in a haze.

How did I go from singing on TV?

To watching Netflix shows all day?


Contemplated going back to school to finish my plan “A”.

But once I started that it seemed like plan “B” got in the way.

Confusion is an understatement my direction was unknown.

The question in my mind was what’s my purpose, what’s my role?


Looking back now I can see that it was all preparation

Yeah, I could do without the OCD but it was how I was created.

And although at times I struggle I have come to realize.


I will not follow my heart

And sometimes I can’t follow what’s in my mind.

But forever I will follow the man who saved my life. 


It has been a while since I released new music and I haven't been touring or playing tons of shows. I've been keeping busy with private shows, writing, and planning a wedding, but haven't given you much new music. 

When I was away on my last trip, I decided to take a new approach to songwriting. Normally, when I try to write I sit down with the intention of not getting up until I have a song or part of a song written. However, I noticed that I kept getting stuck and couldn't get any ideas flowing. Frustration was my number one enemy. Just as an experiment, I decided to sit down and write with no expectations. My only goal was to put my pen to a piece of paper. 

I've decided to share with you the first result that came from this new approach. Above is a poem I wrote that became the inspiration for a song that I recently finished writing. As I've continued with this approach, the ideas have been flowing. 

God has been directing my life from day one, but I have always been fighting him for control. Over the past 6 months I've been working on following the plan he has for me, rather than trying to create my own. 

You will have new music soon. This new music will be different. This new music will be me....

Your support means the world. 

Thank you!
Proverbs 16:9