Season 12 (The Knockouts Premiere Part 2)

The Knockouts Premiere Part 2 graced our eyes and ears on Tuesday night as the season 12 contestants continued to sing their best with the goal of making it to the live shows. If any of you current contestants are reading this, here’s a little advice to prepare for lives:


Focus on the audience in the room and perform to them. If you can capture their attention with you performance you will capture America’s. Also, pee before you walk into Stage 12. You may not have to go outside but trust me, when you are 2 minutes from going on stage you will suddenly have to pee out the nile river…


Enough about peeing let's talk about the singing we heard on Tuesday night.


Anatalia Villaranda “Two Black Cadillacs” vs. Dawson Coyle “Demons”

To put it simply, Anatalia is really good. She commanded the stage as soon as her music began and the intensity at which she performs grabs your attention whether you like it or not. On a side note, the teens that go on a show like The Voice and perform on stage as effortlessly as Anatalia does are super humans. If you asked Anatalia what the definition of the word “nervous” was, she would have no idea. She is comfortable, confident and consistently delivers killer vocals with every new performance. She was one of the top performers of the night. Dawson had his work cut out for him, especially given his song selection. “Demons” is a tough song to sing in a competition setting. The melody of the song doesn’t do a whole lot, so as the singer you have to find the spots where you can throw in your own special something. Dawson’s performance was good, but I was missing that special something. At the beginning it sounded like he wasn’t ‘able to hear the key of until he was able to hear the band more. Also, Dawson is still in school right? Jansen (my fiance) pointed out that he was wearing a ring on his left hand ON his ring finger. He’s not married, right? My winner of this knockout was Anatalia and Alicia also gave her the win. Great minds think alike!



Enid Ortiz “When We Were Young” vs TSoul “These Arms of Mine”

As we all know, singing anything by Adele is not an easy task. Adele sings with a power and emotion that is tough for any singer to match. Enid did a great job with this particular song, but there were a few pitchy parts (I feel like Randy Jackson when I say that) throughout her performance and I was getting the sense that she was nervous. Trust me, I was super nervous as well and when I’m in a nerve wracking situation the tone of my voice can get a little thrown off. When that happens I find yourself paying closer attention to how I sound, which only makes me more nervous. I think this may of been what was happening with Enid. It’s a vicious cycle! TSoul took the stage after Enid and I would have to say the same about his performance. While his pitch was on point, I could hear some nerves coming through. Alicia did point out that he had a larger amount of vibrato in his voice compared to past performances, which she liked. Maybe I’m just mistaking that for nerves? Who knows! All in all, he gave a great performance, however I still feel like his best performance so far has been his blind audition. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does when the cameras go LIVE! My winner of this knockout was TSoul and Blakey Blake gave him the “W” as well.



Aaliyah Rose “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” vs. Brennley Brown “Up to the Mountain”

From the very beginning Aaliyah made it clear that she has a deep love for Meghan Trainor. For that reason, I could tell in her rehearsal that she was extra excited for to sing this song. Aaliyah gave a great performance and had some really nice moments throughout, but she didn’t seem as confident in this performance as she’s been in the past. Take a second from reading this. Go to YouTube and watch my knockout performance. ZERO. CONFIDENCE. So, I totally get it Aaliyah, Brennley Brown took center stage and delivered, what I believe, was the best performance of the night. Her song was beautiful and you could tell that she was singing it straight to God. We should all consider it a privilege to have heard her sing the way she did. Brennley took her time and held on to every single note that she sang. During a few parts I heard a little bit of Dolly Parton coming through in her voice. Anyone else pick up on that?? Immediately after her performance Gwen called and told me there was no denying Brennley was the winner of the knockout. I agreed and encouraged her decision! Don’t worry though, Aaliyah wasn’t disappointed for too long. After saying a tearful goodbye to her coach, Blake hit his STEAL button for Aaliyah! Part of me thinks he didn’t like seeing Gwen upset, but the other part knows that Aaliyah truly is talented. There’s no denying that!



That’s all folks!


The knockout rounds come to an end on Monday and then it is off to the live shows!!!! My friend Kevin Hart said it best, “It’s about. To Go. Down.”


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