Season 12 (Top 12)

The top 12 rounds of The Voice hold a very special place in my heart! During this part of the show I had the opportunity to sing “Jealous” by Nick Jonas, which I think allowed me to continue in the competition and really lit a fire under me. After watching Monday’s episode, I have a feeling some of the current contestants are feeling what I felt after my top 12 performance!


Jesse Larson “Make You Feel My Love”

This particular song is one of my personal favorites to sing! Jesse delivered a breathtaking vocal performance. He hit every note with ease and looked comfortable while doing it. In every performance of his we’ve seen him playing his guitar, so to take away the guitar from him could’ve left him feeling awkward and naked on stage. But he didn’t allow any of the awkwardness (if he was even feeling any) to come through. I love the way Jesse sings and definitely see him taking a spot in the top 3!



Mark Isaiah “One Dance”

I was excited for this song choice. You don’t hear a lot of people covering Drake on The Voice. Mark performed the song really well, but I do wish he would’ve kept the song acoustic, like Adam arranged it in rehearsal. With that being said, he gave a solid performance. Other than a few notes here and there, he moved around stage with “swagger” and like Adam said, he made it seem like he was just visiting The Voice while gearing up to release an album. Great job man!



Stephanie Rice “White Flag”

Everything about Stephanie’s performance was spot on. The emotion that she poured into her delivery was inspiring and her voice sounded the best it has sounded so far in the competition (and her voice has been consistently good in every episode!). I can’t get over how she floats from her chest voice to her falsetto. At times, her sound reminded me a little of Shania Twain, but maybe that’s just because she was the advisor for the episode. Was anybody else hearing the similarities???



Troy Ramey “Free Fallin”

Recently I watched something on tv and Tom Petty was talking about how he wrote this song in kind of a nonchalant way, which is mind blowing considering the classic that it went on to become. The beginning of his performance was perfect. He made it his own and delivered the lyrics in a very genuine way. Although this is a song that is covered a lot, he added his own flare to it which almost made it sound like the song was his own. I loved how he went to the high belt note at the end, because similar to what Adam thought, I wasn’t sure if he was going to go there. I think he fell a little under the pitch when it came to that note, but that may be just me being over critical. Awesome performance Troy!



Aliyah Moulden “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave”

Aliyah has such a BIG voice. Her performance was top notch. For being so young, her voice is so mature and she owned every edge of the stage. In rehearsal, Blake mentioned that he heard she was nervous, but Aliyah didn’t show any signs of being nervous. Aliyah continues to grow with each performance and has an energy that makes it tough not to smile while watching her perform. Personally, I am so excited for her future and the growth that she is going to continue to have. Congratulations Aliyah. YOU. ARE. KILLING. IT!



Chris Blue “Love and Happiness”

Chris is from a different planet. I haven’t seen everyone perform yet, but I’m 100% sure that this is the best performance of the nights. He is an entertainer. Bottom line. Alicia said in her interview that your jaw just drops when you watch Chris sing, and my jaw was on the floor. Honestly, he doesn’t even have to sing. I could watch him stomp his foot at the top of a staircase for hours and be content. He is going to win The Voice. Hearing his take on the Al Green classic was just the icing on the cake. If you haven’t watched the video of his performance, you need to watch it. No excuses. Actually, DON’T read any further until you watch it! INCREDIBLE!



Lauren Duski “Lord, I Hope this Day Is Good”  

Before tonight’s episode, I hadn’t heard this song before, but like Shania said, it was the perfect song for her. Her vocals were sweet and you could tell that she was singing from a genuine place. Lauren connected with the lyrics and looked like she was enjoying every second of being on stage. I’ve said this before, but I can’t wait to hear her own original music. I would put her Spotify playlist on, lay on the couch, and just relax. She has a calming and peaceful quality to her voice that is really cool. Your performance was awesome, Lauren. Congratulations!! I think we’ll be seeing you next week.



Lilli Passero “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”

No pressure at all, Lilli! She definitely had her work cut out for her, but she did a really great job. The fact that Shania Twain was sitting in front of her while she sang a Shania Twain song, didn’t seem to phase her. I was a little nervous for her given the song selection, however she made it her own and pulled it off. Lilli delivered the lyrics with sass, embodying every word. There were a few small imperfections here and there, but nobody sings with complete perfection. I enjoyed her performance, but we will have to wait and see what America thinks!



Brennley Brown “Long, Long Time”

I seriously don’t understand how these young kids get on The Voice and perform with such ease. Brennley is headed for stardom. Not only does she have a great voice, but she really knows how to use it. She has a purpose for every note that she sings. Shania couldn’t have said it any better, Brennley’s performance was as good as it gets, no matter what age you are. She is a force to be reckoned with. She was placed on this earth to use her god given gift, and I am excited to watch her continue to use her god given gift (however I’m not sure how much development she needs, because she is already killing it!).



TSoul “Always on My Mind”

In his opening interview, you could tell how important being a part of this show is to him. I would’ve loved to see him play piano, but I think Blake was right in having him stand and deliver the song. During his rehearsal, Shania told him to pull back some of his vocal acrobats, but during his performance I did feel that he was overdoing it just a little bit. At the beginning of his performance I felt like there wasn’t a strong connection to the song, but as his performance continued he really got lost in what he was doing. He poured his heart into his singing and pulled us all into the world of TSoul. Congrats man, great performance!



Hunter Plake “Somebody That I Used To Know”

How cool is it that he sang right to his wife last week?!?!? That had to be a special moment for both of them. Gwen is on point with her song choices this week, because this one was perfect for Hunter. It completely fits his style and the tone of his voice. This song tends to get covered a lot, but Hunter is one of the first people I’ve heard bring something really new and unique to the hit track! I loved the way he delivered the first verse, switching between the two octaves. He brought a freshness to the song that was really fun to watch. Hunter can do it all, and to think that he didn’t have much performance experience before auditioning for The Voice! CRAZY!!!



Vanessa Ferguson “A Song For You”

Alicia used the word braggadocious during Vanessa’s rehearsal and it was awesome. Nobody EVER says that word lol. Leave it to Alicia! Vanessa explained that she has always stayed away from this song due to the fact that it’s a Donny Hathaway classic, but she was definitely up for the challenge. Here performance was flawless. She added her own Vanessa flare to it, and I’m not sure if she came up with the arrangement but it was AWESOME! She stayed true to the original melodies, but tastefully added in her own inflections. Also, her ending was perfect. To go grom belting really high to singing softly in falsetto is a difficult thing to do and she crushed it.



America has a tough decision because everyone came out tonight and gave solid performances. There wasn’t one weak link. I definitely wouldn’t want to be competing against the singers on this season!



Every results show had me feeling every nervous feeling known to mankind. However, I always tried to keep things in perspective. I was doing something that I had dreamed off, and honestly, from the beginning I said, “How cool would it be to make it on at least ONE episode?” Anything after that was just the cherry on top of the sundae.


Carson didn’t waste any time getting down to the results!


Right off the bat America chose to save:

Brennley Brown (whose reaction was perfect!)  

Jesse Larson

Lauren Duski

All good choices for sure! All three of them gave stellar performances and deserve to continue moving forward in the competition. I could easily see each of them in the top 3, when all of this is said and done.  


Team Adam then came out and gave a performance of “Hey Jude” and dedicated it to Christina Grimmie and her family, who were in the audience. I had the privilege to have dinner and play a show with Christina a few months before her passing. Due to her success on Youtube, I had known who she was before she even stepped on The Voice stage. Her voice was out of this world, and her personality was just as incredible. Christina’s family started the Christina Grimmie Foundation for two reasons: to offer support to families effected by gun violence and to support families facing breast cancer diagnosis. For more information you can visit their website! Christina, you are missed.  


Before going to a commercial break, Carson let us in on two more contestants that were saved by America’s vote.

Vanessa Ferguson

Aliyah Moulden

Both of which gave great performances! Next week is shaping up to be another incredible show.


The final two artists saved by America were:

Lilli Passero

Chris Blue


I was about to say, HOW HAS CHRIS NOT BEEN SAVED YET! They had me scared, but I’m relieved to see my boy moving on to the Top 11

After a performance from Team Blake, Carson announced the next individuals moving on to the Top 11!

Hunter Plake


Stephanie Rice


The remaining two artists forced to sing for the Twitter Save were Troy Ramey and Mark Isaiah. I can’t say that I’m surprised by this, however they both did give solid performances. Like I said before, in a competition somebody has to go home, even if all of the participants are super talented. This is what make a show like The Voice so tough. EVERYONE IS GOOD!


Twitter Instant Save Performances:

Troy Ramey “Drift Away”

His performance was solid, but I’m not sure it was enough to win him the instant save!



Mark Isaiah “When I Was Your Man”

Mark also gave a solid performance! Because I sang this song towards the end of my season, it holds a very special place in my heart. In fact, it was the first week that I had two songs in the Top 10 on the iTunes charts. Also, let’s not forget the NAME DROP Adam gave me on Tuesday’s episode. It was an honor and a privilege serving on Team Adam. But for real, I now have a career in music (not sure if it’s considered a career yet since it's only been a little over two years, but you get it) because of Adam, The Voice, and all of you beautiful people that voted!



As the credits were rolling for the end of the episode, America chose to save Mark! I think he had the upper hand, because of his age and the amount of fans that he probably has on Twitter. Blake did say though that Troy’s social media accounts are hilarious, so I’m definitely going to have to swing by his pages and check him out!


Next week we continue on in the competition as the Top 11 perform for their chance to be the winner of Season 12! The performances just keep on getting better and better, so to say I’m excited for next week would be an understatement.


Keep singing,



Proverbs 16:9

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