Season 12 (Blind Audition Part 4)

We’re nearing the end of the blind auditions! The teams are starting to fill up and the coaches are getting picky! As we all know, they only have 12 spots on their team so they have to choose wisely. Who knows, someone that hasn’t auditioned yet COULD be the winner of season 12!


Between Blake making fun of Adam’s sweater and Adam imitating Blake’s accent there WAS some singing that went on during Monday night's episode.


Micah Tryba (I’m Every Woman)

For never having performed with a band, Micah did a really nice job! There’s no denying that she has a great voice but like Adam mentioned, there were some parts that seemed a little out of sync with the rest of her performance. Maybe the song was throwing me off a little? I’m curious to see who she gets paired up with in the battle rounds and what song they are given to sing! Gwen tried to win her over by saying that she knows what it’s like to be a female in the music industry, which is true, but Blake’s comeback was perfect, “I can’t say that I know what it’s like to be a girl and Gwen can’t say she knows what it’s like to win this show.” Micah was swayed by Blake's comment and will begin her journey on The Voice as a member of Team Blake.



Troy Ramey (Wild World)

Troy got his start playing in a band for 5 years but left the band to pursue a solo career in music. It’s safe to say Troy made the right decision. I loved the way he poured himself into his performance and sang the song as if it were his own. All four chairs turned for Troy, giving him the ability to choose which superstar coach would be the best fit for him. Before making his decision, Gwen said that she was touched by his performance and her instinct was telling her that he needed to be on her team. I assume that sealed the deal for him because shortly after hearing her comment Troy joined Team Gwen. He is definitely going to standout on her team!


*After Troy’s audition a mom of four named Ericka Corban performed and unfortunately didn’t persuade any coach’s to hit their buttons. However, when the camera cut to the coaches at the end of her performance, Blake wasn’t in his chair. Where was he and why wasn’t he there? Where do you think he was? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page!



Jack Cassidy (One of Us)  

It’s very easy to be overlooked when your grandmother and uncle were the stars of The Partridge Family, a familiar family sitcom from the early 1970’s, but Jack is determined to make a name for himself. Aside from his family, another unique aspect of his audition was that he accompanied himself on piano. I’ve only ever seen one other person do this. Jack’s voice instantly reminded me of singers like Dave Matthews and Isaac Slade, the frontman of The Fray. Not every note was perfect but that’s what made it real and raw. I’m a fan and so is Alicia Keys, Jack’s mentor for season 12. Good luck Jack!



Kawan DeBose (Let’s Get it On)  

Kawan’s personality and stage presence are on a different level! I felt like I was watching him perform at one of his own concerts. The control he had of his voice was flawless as he sang runs that drifted from his falsetto to his chest voice and then BACK to his falsetto. He had some grit to his last note just to give it that “dirtiness” that Marvin Gaye was notorious for. I was surprised that Alicia didn’t turn for Kawan. He seems like he’d be right up her alley! Adam, on the other hand, fought hard for Kawan, saying that he would be the number one priority on Team Adam and that he never felt as strong of a connection with any other artist that has been on the show. What the heck Adam?!? I thought we had something special… Kawan joined Team Adam! I can’t wait to see what he sings next.



Taylor Alexander (Believe)

ADAM GOT A COUNTRY SINGER AND BLAKE DIDN’T! Taylor’s got that classic country voice that everyone loves, but his song choice made him stand out even more when he chose to sing a Cher song for his audition. Troy's voice is good but nothing jumped out to me as being super unique. However, the pairing of him with Adam is going to be really cool to watch. I can’t think of any other country artist that has worked with someone other than Blake!



Gaby Borromeo (Happy)

I love the tone of Gaby’s voice. She sounds very similar to Leona Lewis, the original artist of her audition song. The airiness of her falsetto was really peaceful, making that contrast between her falsetto and chest voice cool to listen to. Blake and Adam turned their chairs for Gaby and Adam won her over! I think it was the hug he gave her after she finished singing.  Team Adam got three in a row. I’d say Adam had a good day at the office!



Missy Robertson (Scars To You Beautiful)

Alicia and Blake turned at the VERY last minute, I mean like 2 seconds left in the song! Missy’s got a great voice but you could tell she was nervous. My voice did the same thing when I auditioned plus the hand I was holding the microphone with was shaking uncontrollably! There were some really great moments during Missy’s audition and those moments are going to come through even more as she gets more comfortable with her environment (which may take a while, remember I wasn’t fully comfortable until my last performance lol) Hopefully it doesn't take Missy as long! 



Aaliyah Rose (Rise Up)

Besides Ed Sheeran’s new album, "Rise Up" is one of my all-time favorite songs! Have you seen the music video? You won’t be able to get through it without tearing up. NOW BACK TO THE VOICE! Aaliyah has a nice soulful voice and although some of her runs weren’t super clean, I feel that was due to nerves and the fact that she is only 14!!! Gwen commented that when she turned around it seemed like Aaliyah got a little tripped up and in her head. Gwen wanted a young pop girl and she got one! Good luck Aaliyah!



Josh West (Ordinary World)

First of all, Josh is in a band with his Dad, which is AWESOME, second of all his hair is INSANE! Kinda makes me wish I didn’t shave my hair off all the time. Josh has such a pure and smooth voice that is so easy to listen to. His falsetto at the end had so much power and he sang with such ease. Right out of the gate he connected with Adam over musical influences which led me to believe that he’d head over to Team Adam. Guess what...HE DID! I’m looking forward to seeing how he progresses on the show!



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