Season 12 (Blind Audition Night 3)

Somehow I missed episode three of The Voice which aired on March 2nd!!!


I had a feeling something was weird, because I saw videos on The Voice’s Youtube page for artists that I had yet to cover in the blog.


Time to play catch-up!


Episode 3 was full of laughter and of course Blake and Adam making fun of each other.


The night STARTED with a country singer and ENDED with a country singer. However, you could tell Adam, Gwen, and Alicia were getting fed up with EVERY country singer choosing Blake. Sure, the matchup makes sense, but I really do think it would be beneficial for some of the younger country contestants to go a different route. A lot of different artists currently in the country music scene are crossing over into other genres like pop, rock, and r&b. It would be REALLY interesting to see a country singer work with Adam, Gwen or Alicia.


Ashley Levin (Let Him Fly)

Ashley’s voice clearly had a country feel to it, but I also heard a lot of blues and soul being poured into her performance. Blake was the first one to turn followed by Gwen and Alicia. As the coaches began giving their comments, Adam made a point to say that Ashley was the physical embodiment of a ray of sunshine. You could tell that she was DEFINITELY in her happy place. Ashley chose to join Blake’s team. I’d like to see Ashley sing songs that cater more toward the bluesy/soul side of her voice. This will help her stand out from the other contestants on Blake’s team.  



Brandon Royal (Master Blaster (Jammin’))

Brandon grew up in the US Virgin Islands and has been a firefighter for 2 years, but his passion lies in music. He mentioned in his interview that he hadn’t sang on stage in 5 years, but he showed no signs of being rusty. He didn’t hit one bad note! There were parts of the song where he sounded nervous, but I couldn’t tell if that was just his singing tone or the nerves coming through. Gwen was first to turn her chair followed by Blake. Gwen’s comments consisted of her saying how pure and natural Brandon’s performance was and that she heard different stylistic inspirations coming through in his performance. Blake said that he wanted to help Brandon “hold his hose”. You tell me who you’d pick if Blake offered to help you “hold your hose”. Yeah. Brandon chose Gwen.



Julien Martinez (Pride and Joy)

Just like Adam, I expected Julien’s voice to come out of a giant biker guy not a clean cut skinny young guy! I enjoyed the natural growl and grit of his voice because It didn’t sound forced or fake to me. His dancing on stage did look a little awkward, but go watch my performance of “Don’t” from season 7. There was nothing natural about my dancing in that performance. Julien sealed the deal with his intense scream at the end which instantly made Blake and Adam push their button. I’m not the screamo-heavy-metal music type but it fit with his performance and didn’t come across as theatrical. Julien joined Team Adam!



Quizz Swanigan (Who's Loving You) 

The kid is 13 years old and makes me want to second guess my career as a singer. His runs were clean and on-point, never once feeling like he was adding too much. Alicia turned her chair first and with Gwen following Alicia’s lead shortly after. Although he mentioned that Gwen taught him how to spell bananas, Alicia won Quizz over, saying that he wasn’t in his head at all but was instead singing from his heart, which she felt come through in his performance. Quizz is extremely talented and is going to bring something special to season 12. It’s amazing to me how good these younger kids are. His technique and stage presence are top notch. I’d say lowering the age cutoff was a good call!



Casi Joy (Blue) 

Casi’s audition was released as a sneak peak on Youtube and there is no question why that decision was made. The yodeling she incorporated into her performance was the definition of perfect.


As I type this I am trying to yodel but sound like a 12 year old boy who hasn’t made it through puberty yet!


Cassi’s voice has that classic country tone while at the same time sounding new and contemporary. All four coaches turned with three of them having the same goal in mind: make sure the country girl doesn’t go with Blake! Alicia made the comment, “If you don’t want to shock the world by choosing me then shock the world by choosing Gwen.” Obviously Cassi didn’t feel like shocking the world because she went with the Blake!



My review of Monday and Tuesday’s episodes will be posted tomorrow. Hopefully I can get back on track this week so that I can be all caught up for the airing of next week’s episodes!


Keep singing,




Proverbs 16:9

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