Season 12 (The Battles Premiere Part 2)

Before the coaches took their places in their respective red chairs, Blake and Alicia talked for a few moments about Adam's new hairdo. This time Blake changed Adam’s name from Ellen Degeneres to Billy Idol!  


I can remember seeing the coaches film these little pre-show interviews when I'd be on set preparing for my performance. It was always fun walking backstage and nonchalantly saying hi to the coaches (acting like saying hi to Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, or Gwen Stefani was no big deal, but inside I was still not sure how I ended up on The Voice saying hi to people I had only ever seen on TV and in magazines. WEIRD!


Johnny Gates vs. Sammie Zonana: "I Drove All Night"

Celine Dion had to leave the room after hearing Johnny and Sammie sing her own song! Can you imagine singing a Celine Dion song for Celine Dion? Remember in my previous post how I said I would crap my pants if I met John Legend? Well, I would also crap my pants if I sang a Celine Dion song for Celine Dion. UN-REAL!! During their second rehearsal, Celine Dion was standing up dancing while Johnny and Sammie rocked it out! Their chemistry when they took to the battle stage was undeniable. They were having so much fun and Gwen was having even more fun watching the two of them perform. When all was said and done I had to give the battle win to Johnny. He gave a performance that was full of energy and seeing him go from playing guitar to putting the guitar away and commanding the stage the way he did really showed his versatility. Based on my experience while on The Voice, if Johnny continues to sing the way he sang during his battle he is going to effortlessly move through this competition. Gwen agreed and named her favorite Italian boy the winner!



Chris Blue vs. RJ Collins: "Adorn"  

As we all know, based on a previous post of mine, Chris is my favorite, so I was PUMPED to see how this battle would unfold. Alicia made the right call putting RJ and Chris together. You could tell during their rehearsals that they were having fun as each one brought out the alpha male in the other. Alicia was really feeling their delivery in the second rehearsal. She was dancing and feeling every beat. I may be a little biased but the winner of this battle, in my book, was Chris. Gwen mentioned that she was mesmerized by his body movements, leaving Blake feeling a little unsure of whether he would still have a girlfriend at the end of the day. Chris apologized, but come on Blake, Chris was bringing out all the moves! All joking aside, Blake said that he thinks they will be seeing Chris in the finale and I couldn't agree more. He is the total package and there’s no denying it. Alicia agreed and gave Chris the win bringing RJ’s time on The Voice to an end.



In Tuesday nights episode three battles were montaged. Since the battles weren't aired in their entirety, I wasn’t able to really form an opinion on who I believed should be the winner. So, I’ve listed out the battle partners, the song they sang, and the winner of each battle below! Also, I’ve never understood how the producers choose who’s battle is going to get montaged and why. Is it strictly a timing thing, or did their battle have some imperfections that the show preferred not to air???? What do you think?


Josh West vs. Nala Price: "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"



Aaliyah Rose vs. Savannah Leighton: "Treat You Better"

WINNER: Aliyah


Andrea Thomas vs. Micah Tryba: "What Hurts The Most"

WINNER: Andrea

I want to note that Andrea Thomas’s blind audition AND battle have been montaged. I’m really looking forward to seeing a full performance from her. Based on the little snippets I've seen, she seems like a great singer!



Aliyah Moulden vs. Dawson Coyle: "Walking On Sunshine"

Blake started the rehearsal giving Luke Bryan a kiss on the cheek, which was a clear indication that this was going to be a good battle! To start, I’m loving the hat Dawson is wearing. I wish I was more of a hat guy! During rehearsals Luke wanted them to get their bodies into the performance. They were definitely glued to their lyrics at first but when Luke got up and emphasized how important the performance aspect of the song was, they opened up and delivered! Both took to the battle stage full of confidence and charisma. At times I felt like their performance was a little forced. There were times throughout the performance where they each looked a little uncomfortable. When Blake chose Aliyah, I was definitely surprised because I thought Dawson delivered a better vocal performance. Dawson didn’t have to feel bummed out for long because Alicia used one of her STEALS to bring Dawson over to Team Alicia. Congratulations Dawson AND Aliyah!


Just before posting this I checked my team on The Voice app and it looks like...I'M KILLING IT!! JChosen and Chris made it through their battles this week and hopefully next week the other artists on my team pull through as well. How's your team doing? Let's chat in the comments thread! 

Until next week...

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