Season 12 (Blind Audition Night 2)

I’m a little late with getting this post out due to a show that I had on Tuesday night. I then kicked off the Lenten season with an awesome service at my church last night.




I watched Tuesday night's episode yesterday morning and am ready to give you my take on each contestant's performance. At the start of the episode Adam said, “It’s a love party up in here” and I couldn’t agree more. The vibe between the coaches is awesome and every contestant that walks onto that stage is absolutely SLAYING their performance.


Episode two of the Blind Auditions got started with….



She kills it on the ice rink as a skating instructor and then gets behind a microphone and delivers an amazing vocal performance. Autumn is the definition of multi-talented. She took us back in time with her rendition of “Last Dance” which was upbeat, fun, and a great way to get the night started. All four chairs turned to see who it was that was delivering the super clean vocals and showcasing tons of control over her voice. Lets not forget that insane whistle tone that she ended her performance with! When all was said and done, Autumn chose Alicia to be her coach, saying Alicia said everything Autumn says to her own ice skating students, be free and be yourself.



When your opening package has a clip of you saying that you received a phone call from Prince, I instantly become a fan of yours! Jesse stepped out from singing backup for past The Voice contestant, Judith Hill, to take center stage with his rendition of a John Lennon classic. Personally, I loved watching Jesse perform. He was all smiles the entire time he was on stage and genuinely looked like he was enjoying himself. That’s what it’s all about! Oh yeah, the guy is ALSO an incredible guitar player that was shedding all throughout his performance like it was no big deal. I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t want the guitar to get in the way of hearing his vocals, but Adam loved what he heard and turned his chair. Adam was the only coach to turn so he went with Blake. KIDDING!!! He obviously joined Team Adam.



WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING THESE CHILDREN!! I can’t imagine being a 15 year old performing on The Voice stage. Oh wait. I just did. I SUCKED! Since the age of 15 my voice has gone through a lot of changes, which means that big and powerful voice Aliyah has now is only going to get more big and more powerful! Her confidence during the audition was impressive and she had this mature grit to her voice that instantly added 20 years to her singing-age. Now, I’m sure some people get sick of hearing how impressive these teenagers are, but being 15 within an atmosphere like The Voice IS extremely impressive. I was 20 years old when I stepped onto the Blind Audition stage. I vividly remember pacing back and forth before my audition more nervous than I had ever been for anything else I’d ever done. Let just say if I had gone through that experience at 15 years old, you would’ve found me curled up in the fetal position in some random corner of The Voice studio! Gwen, Alicia, and Blake turned their chairs and fought for an opportunity to work with Aliyah. After saying in the interview prior to her audition that she really hoped Alicia would turn around, Aliyah surprised us all by choosing Blake as her coach. I think she made a great decisions because she is going to stand out from a team that will most likely be made up of mostly country singers.  



You could tell she was nervous but that didn’t stop Savannah from delivering a great blind audition! Trust me, the nerves become less and less of an issue as you move forward through the competition. I can honestly say that I wasn’t nervous for my performance of “Cry Me A River”. Unfortunately, that was the last song I sang on the show.... Blake turned his chair first for Savannah followed by his significant other, Gwen. After hearing each side's argument for why he or she was the best coach for her, Savannah chose to join Team Gwen! Gwen was very fired up about getting a young girl on her team and had Savannah chose Blake, Gwen would not have been very happy with him. Adam said it best, “Blake may have been sleeping on the couch that night!”



I LOVED Lili’s song choice. She’s got this throwback tone that reminds me of Amy Whinehouse. The simplicity of her audition was really refreshing. Lilli didn’t throw in a ton of crazy runs or super high notes because the tone of her voice was enough. You could hear all of her inspirations come through in the way she sang (Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, etc.) The coaches loved her vintage style because it was something different that she brought to the show. Lilli had her pick between Blake, Gwen, and Alicia, but Alicia sealed the deal but singing an impromptu song for Lilli AND about Lilli. When Alicia Keys sings and makes up a song for you, you pick her. It's an unspoken rule! Alicia and Lilli are going to do some cool things together. Just watch!


PLEASE let me know how you're feeling about this season of The Voice, in the comments section. I'd LOVE to get the conversation started and begin making picks of who we think is going to win the whole thing! 

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