Season 12 (Blind Auditions Part 7)



This season is going to be full of powerful performances and special moments. Last night ended  on a high note (no pun intended) and was a great way to finish out the blind audition series. I’ve updated my team on The Official Voice App and here’s my team, listed in no particular order:


J Chosen

Kawan DeBose

Valerie Ponzio

Chris Blue  

Stephanie Rice


Let me know who’s on your team in the comments section and we’ll see who ends up with the winner. FYI I told my Fiancé during the premiere of The Bachelor, that Nick would end up with Vanessa. SPOILER ALERT: HE DID! With my track record, the winner of season 12 could be on my team. Just sayin’.


Vanessa Ferguson (Don’t Let Me Down)

Coming off of performing with The BB King All-Star Band on cruise ships, Vanessa’s ready to take her music career to the next level. Her song selection was interesting. I love the song but I’m not sure it would be the best song for a blind auditions, however, she clearly pulled it off! Vanessa had Alicia and Gwen turn their chairs quickly, convincing Blake to follow. She belted out a strong high note at the end and then followed that up with a vocal run that completely blew my mind. Adam called himself a Dumb dummy. Alicia then consoled Adam by saying he’s not a dummy he just doesn’t have ears! I'm not sure if that's better or worse. When all was said and done, Vanessa joined Team Alicia! Congrats Vanessa!



Dawson Coyle (Happiness)

Dawson and his family were overwhelmed by the love and support from their church friends and family, when they lost their home to a house fire. Because of that support, Dawson was able to continue pursuing his dream of being a career musician. He took to The Voice stage singing a powerful lyric that clearly meant a lot to him. His family stood to the side of the stage with tears filling their eyes as they saw him begin to sing. Dawson has such a powerful edgy voice that caught the attention of Blake. Adam was the first to welcome him to Team Ding Dong (his nickname for Team Blake). Dawson was thrilled and seeing the reaction from his parents brought tears to my eyes. There’s a song by Ryan Stevenson with lyrics that read, “through the eye of a storm, he remains in control”. Things happen in our lives that we may never understand, but through it all God is in control. Dawson, welcome to The Voice family!



Jozy Bernadette (American Woman)

Jozy is ready to go for her dream job! She sang a song that is known for its edginess, but sang it with a smooth vocal that was a great contrast to the original. Her voice is awesome and she hit every note. Like, every single note! Adam turned his chair as Jozy held out that “money” note and Gwen turned at the very last second. Blake vouched for Gwen, saying that Gwen is proof that girls can rock (obviously there's no bias in his comments). I’m not sure if it was Blake’s comments but Jozy headed to Team Gwen, with no doubt…(I see what you did there Jozy...nice...very nice). Congratulations on an awesome audition!!




Sheena Brook (Baby Girl)

Sheena is ready to leave the bar gigs behind and head to the biggest stage in the world...TV! Adam was quick to turn his chair saying that nothing makes him happier than to see the destruction of Blake Shelton. He wants nothing more than to win The Voice with a country artist and then rub it in Blake’s face! Sheena had an awesome country voice and is definitely going to be a contender in this competition, especially as she gets more comfortable being on the BIG stage. FUN FACT: Adam hates puppets. I’m not sure why there was a puppet on The Voice set, but whoever came up with that idea is a genius. I think I want to see a puppet version of every coach...who’s with me?




Chris Blue (Tracks of My Tears)

Let’s get the obvious out of the way...the guys got a winning name. Some of you may be thinking, “but Chris you didn’t win. You came in 3rd place”. And to that I say, first of all, I prefer to say second runner up (it has a better ring to it) and second, hopefully this Chris has better luck! After his Fiancé barely made it through a brain surgery, Chris made two promises to go: He would marry that girl and audition for The Voice. THANK YOU GOD! Hearing Chris sing made me make all kinds of faces. Just ask my Fiancé who was sitting next to me on the couch. Every run that he sang and note that he hit was full of all kinds of soul. Oh, and the vocal runs he did? SPEECHLESS. After hearing him sing, I instantly grabbed my phone and updated my team on The Voice app! FOR SURE a front-runner in this competition. Alicia would’ve been a fool not to recognize his talent and trust me, Alicia is NO fool. Chris took the last spot on Team Alicia!






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Proverbs 16:9  

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