Season 12 (Blind Auditions Part 6)



I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I created my own team using The Official Voice App and you should do the same! Who’s on your team?


At the top of last night's episode, Carson gave us the rundown of how many artists each coach c has on their team. Here’s the list, for those of you who missed it.


Adam - 9

Gwen - 8

Alicia - 8

Blake - 7


Blake needs to pick up the slack! But don’t worry. He had a GREAT night scoring some heavy hitters!


Kenny P (Hello, It’s Me)

First and foremost, I just love saying his name. It sounds like it should be famous, but maybe that’s because I’m thinking of Kenny G when I think of Kenny P. Who knows, but in my opinion Kenny P has A LOT going for him. The guy lives in a tiny house (which is super cool and something I’ve always wanted to experience. Not sure if I’d want to live in one but I’d definitely stay at a tiny house with Airbnb. I’d need to take a test run before even thinking about building my own). Kenny P also has an incredible mustache, which I couldn’t pull off but have MAD respect for. And to top it all off, my boy can sing. Just a great soulful voice with a super powerful belt that is equally super high. Gwen was the first one to turn followed by her significant other, Blake-y. Sorry Blake, but Kenny P went with Gwen-y. Alicia’s right, guys would rather hug up on Gwen than Blake. Disclaimer: I promise I won’t rhyme anymore…



Enid Ortiz (All I Ask)

I’m not gonna lie, there’s a few artists I always say to stay away from when preparing an audition: Whitney, Celine, and Adele. HOWEVER, Enid did Adele justice! Her voice was powerful and other than a few tiny pitch things, she was right on the money with every note. Blake was sneaky and turned at the VERY last second. Gwen was saying she deserved to be on but none of the coaches were turning...except for Blake at the very end. He played that one real dirty and might be sleeping on the couch tonight! Enid has Vitiligo, a condition that causes her skin to be two tones, so she stayed away from performing on stage because she was nervous as to what people’s reaction would be if they saw her. Alicia was right on when she said, a big SCREW YOU to those who kept Enid from singing on stage. Welcome to team Blake!



RJ Collins (Purpose)

RJ sang one of my all time favorite songs, so clearly he has good taste! After high school he began working at Guitar Center, which is honestly a musicians dream because there is a room devoted to every musical instrument and piece of gear. I could hang out in a Guitar Center for 24 hours and not get bored. Taking his late brother’s advice of not giving up and being tough, he decided to share his talent with the coaches of The Voice. There was such a warmth to his voice and a smoothness that was undeniable. Adam was the first to recognize his talent and Alicia was quick to follow. RJ couldn’t believe that Alicia said his name, which right away told me that he’d be joining Team Alicia. Not to mention the fact that she called him a beautiful black man. Needless to say, that sealed the deal for RJ and he headed straight to Team Alicia!



TSouL (Take Me To The River)

TSouL may be the coolest person to ever step on The Voice stage. He’s had viral success on Youtube and now wants to take his music career to the next level. In his opening interview he explained how awesome it would be if Alicia turned around, but unfortunately Adam and Blake were the only two to turn around. I would go to the river if TSouL was taking me...just sayin’. Honestly, I was surprised that Alicia didn’t turn around! It seems like it takes a lot to make her turn, which goes to show how serious she is taking this and that she is truly looking for something special. Blake described TSouL’s voice as having all the “herbs and spices”. TSouL chose to join Team Blake, something that I did NOT see coming! Honestly, I think everyone was surprised by that decision. However, Blake’s got a great track record on the show and I think contestants are starting to recognize that!



Davina Leone (Cheap Thrills)

Last night’s episode had two artists that were montaged, Davina being one of those artists. Since they didn’t show her full performance on TV I headed to Youtube and watched it a few times! Davina gained viral success on Youtube before taking her talents to The Voice stage. Her song choice was cool, but I’m not sure it’s a song that I would sing for a blind audition. However, Davina definitely pulled it off by adding her own twist to it. Gwen was the only one to turn for her, which is perfect because I think her and Gwen are going to be a great fit for each other. Congrats Davina! Looking forward to seeing what your next move is on the show!



Andrea Thomas (Baby, Now That I’ve Found You)

Andrea was the second artist that was montaged last night. Formerly a background singer for Carrie Underwood she is now stepping into the spotlight as a solo performer! She has a great voice and will obviously be a great addition to Team Blake. Honestly, Andrea reminds me of Carrie Underwood. I wonder if Carrie was watching last night? Also, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a backup singer for another artist. Don’t get me wrong, I love performing my own music, but there’s probably something peaceful about not having to be in the spotlight and still getting to do what you love!



Hanna Eyre (Blank Space)

Hanna performed an awesome rendition of T-Swifts hit, Blank Space. Her dad signed her up for an audition and I’d say Dad made a good call! She is 15 years old and has such a pure, clean, and mature voice. When Adam turned around she almost stopped singing, but pushed through and finished strong. Blake and Gwen turned for her as well, giving Hanna the choice of three superstar coaches. During Gwen’s comments it Blake mentioned that it sounded like Gwen wanted a friend and Blake was amazed by the wide range of her voice. Adam was very clear to say that being a boy or girl coach didn’t matter! Do you think it matters? Honestly, it may matter a little, but music is music and either gender can offer great advice and guidance. Hanna decided to join Team Adam. Welcome to the Team Adam family!



Hunter Plake (Carry On)

After he and his wife lost everything in a flood, they “carried on” (see what I did there?) by Hunter taking a chance and auditioning for The Voice. He mentioned in his opening interview that he had never sung on a stage, other than at church. Well, he could’ve fooled me because he absolutely KILLED his performance. His voice showed no signs of being nervous and he looked more comfortable than a lot of other artists that have stepped on The Voice stage (including myself!). The note he hit at the end with his big belt was incredible. Alicia noticed something unique in the tone of his voice, just like he was singing his own record. Gwen followed her up mentioning that his voice felt good emotionally and it felt like he wanted to connect his heart with the listeners. Alicia couldn’t let her end on the last word, which I think helped! Hunter chose to join Team Alicia!



Nala Price (Send My Love (To Your New Lover))

To begin with, Nala is an awesome name! Also, two Adele songs in one night?!?!? I love me some Adele. Right out of the gate Nala impressed Adam and Gwen with her great voice. Adam commented on how her control when switching from her falsetto into chest voice was impressive, due to the nerve racking nature of the audition. One of Gwen’s favorite parts of her performance was hearing the patience Nala had in showing off all the different sides of her voice. Nala was won over by Adam’s comments and had to join Team Adam! Congrats on an awesome audition, Nala! (I just wanted another reason to write her name)



Sammie Zonana (Dangerous Woman)

Sammie picked up a guitar her freshman year (not sure if it was high school or college), regardless that was probably the best decision she ever made! To be honest, I kind of liked her rendition of Dangerous Woman better than the original. Her voice was super cool and reminded me of Taylor John Williams, a contestant from my season. Her delivery was confident, powerful, and showcased not only her ability to sing but the fact that she is a true artist. Alicia felt like she had a bluesy, huskiness to her voice and Blake couldn’t stop thinking of Joni Mitchell as she was performing. Gwen was the only coach to turn her chair and loved how relaxed and confident she was during her performance.



Valerie Ponzio (Ring of Fire)

I may have said this already about another artist, but Valerie’s voice is probably the most unique voice of this season. She performs regularly as a country Americana singer with her boyfriend, and I have a feeling she is going to have an increase in business based on her audition! I’ve never heard anything like her voice. During some parts I heard a little bit of Dolly Parton in there. The grit in her voice was awesome and Adam mentioned that he heard a little big of Blake, Alicia, Gwen, AND him within the tone of her voice, which is CRAZY. She is definitely one of the most well rounded singers that has ever been on The Voice. She mentioned that she was a HUGE fan of Gwen’s but decided to choose Blake as her coach! I thought Gwen kissing Valerie on the cheek would’ve sealed the deal, but Blake snuck in there and stole her.



Team Blake is STACKED this season! Like I mentioned previously, everyone seems to want a piece of that Team Blake winning action. I can’t blame them.


Tonight is the FINAL Blind Audition episode! I have a rehearsal tonight so I may not have the opportunity to live tweet the episode, but check Twitter at 8pm and maybe you’ll see me tweeting along. Be on the lookout for a new post coming your way tomorrow. And most importantly….


Keep singing,




Proverbs 16:9   



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