Drum Roll Please!!!

If you’re a fan of This Is Us (the show that has stolen the hearts of millions, including myself) or any other NBC television show, then you probably know the following:




The commercials for the upcoming season are everywhere and the sight of them brings back all KINDS of familiar feelings. Seeing the coaches lined up in their red chairs fighting (and now flirting) with each other brings back the exact wave of emotion I felt when I stepped on the blind audition stage and saw their faces for the first time. My stomach was in my throat, my hands were sweaty and shaking, and I felt like I was watching myself through a television screen. It was super weird and amazing at the same time.


However, since my appearance on season 7 of The Voice, I haven’t actually sat down to watch the show. Usually, I just head to Youtube and watch the performance clips. I’m not upset about finishing third place (I prefer to say second runner up...it just rolls off the tongue better), but when I tried to watch new episodes of The Voice, I found myself paying TOO much attention to the non-music related aspects of the show.


For example, when I watch an episode of The Voice, the following commentary often rolls through my mind:  


    “Hey! There’s the guy who always mic’d me up before shooting the interviews. I wonder if the same producer is there to meet the contestant when they walk off stage? Why did I wear a salmon colored shirt for my blind audition? Can you believe that by the end of the season you were wearing tight blue pants?!?!? I wonder if I should invite Adam Levine to my wedding? Maybe him and Behati would make the trip if I was able to secure a babysitter???”


….and so on and so on - you get the point!


As I watched, I couldn’t focus on the music, my favorite part of the show. But I’ve recently found myself missing the reality show that I devoted almost a year of my life to.


There’s no denying that The Voice is what catapulted me into a music career, and for that reason, I am EXTREMELY grateful. The show came into my life at a time when my plan was to keep music as a hobby and pursue the typical 9-5 job. I now realize that the gift I have been given should not be hidden and it would be incredibly foolish of me not to explore its full potential. I’m not entirely sure why God chose to bless me with the gift of singing, but I plan on trying to figure out the answer for the rest of my life.


With that being said...drum roll…….


During Season 12 of The Voice I will be sharing all of my thoughts about each contestant with you the day after each episode airs. People often ask me what I think about the contestants on previous seasons of the show, so now you can have my “professional” opinion delivered right to you inbox (if you subscribe!). I had the privilege of being on every episode of season 7, so nobody knows the reality of what the contestants are going through better than I do.


I should warn you though, if you are looking for someone to tear apart each contestant’s performance, then you are in the wrong place. You will never hear me talk poorly of any contestant. Going through the process of a show like The Voice and stepping onto a stage that will be viewed by millions of people takes a lot of balls, so let’s keep it all positive.


I’m looking forward to watching this season with all of you.


Who plans on joining me Monday night?


Keep singing,



Proverbs 16:9

Chris Jamison