We All Have To Start Somewhere

Consider this blog my personal journal of some-sorts. I have no idea what I’m doing. Which should make it interesting for all of you at times.


I used to believe that I could never get on a TV show because I didn’t have a story. I didn’t have a terrible childhood and I didn’t overcome any traumatic experiences - well, besides telling my soccer coach that I wanted to quit the team so I could join a singing group where I’d have to wear a red sequin vest with white dress pants. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a fan of my decision.


But hey, we all have to start somewhere.


I used to believe that the people I watched on TV lived in a different world.


I was wrong - very wrong.


As I began junior high school at North Hills, shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice were becoming increasingly popular. I vividly remember sitting on a chair in the living room watching the 1st season of The Voice with my mom. As we watched the contestants perform, my mom, who was sitting next to me said, “Chris, some day that could be you singing on that stage!” I looked at her, smiled, entertained the idea for a moment, and then shrugged off her comment.


How was a kid from Pittsburgh going to end up on a national TV show?


I grew up in a supportive and loving middle-class home. My parents always made sure I had what I needed and constantly pushed me to be all that I could be. My siblings and I played sports, had fun with friends in our neighborhood, and never got in trouble….


Okay, that’s a lie.


One time, my sisters and I forgot to take out our dog Casper, the first dog our family ever had. Like humans, believe it or not, animals must also use the bathroom at some point throughout the day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mom as mad as she was when she came home from work and asked that dreaded question, “When was the last time the dog was taken out?”  #NeverForget #RIPCasper


For a while, I’ve been saying that I would like to write a book because, I feel like I have a lot to say both in words and through my music. Maybe this blog will help me figure out what it is I need and want to say.


I’m only 22 years old, but as I reflect on my life, I’ve started to realize that I actually do have a pretty cool story, a story that I’m excited to share with all of you, as I continue to write.


Keep Singing,


Proverbs 16:9    

Chris Jamison